Employee Safety

Safety is the focus of our company work practices. We run regular safety checkups, conduct regular drug screenings and train our people in the safest methods for hauling of fill materials, aggregate materials and other solid waste.

Site Safety

We work to keep our job sites and the general public safe. We provide flag men where needed and also make efforts to keep the roads clear of any material that may be tracked onto the roads.

Safety Meetings

To further promote our goal of safe operations, we conduct morning safety meetings to remind each person to work in a safe manner and to address any problems that our employees may see on site or on the road.

GPS Monitoring

To ensure that our drivers adhere to our safety policies, all of our vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking monitors. We can pinpoint each of our trucks at anytime to ensure that your load is being delivered safely and on time. Our monitoring system will also alert us immediately if any of our trucks drive at an unsafe speed or if they sit too long in one location. Whether on location or driving on public roads, we strive to be safe and responsible.