Our Work

You can get an idea about the capabilities of Rene's Trucking by looking at some of the projects we have handled in the past couple of years. 

A few of our many satisfied corporate customers have written us to tell us how pleased they were with our services. If you would like a list of people to contact regarding our performance, please contact Rene Esneault personally.

Ferrous American

Over the last few years, Rene's Trucking has provided its services when needed to Ferrous American in an ongoing contract to transport 2 million tons of bauxite from a site in Baton Rouge to the Port of Baton Rouge where it is shipped to various customers.

Donaldsonville Wal-mart

Bayou Lafourche Dredging Project

Currently, SME is contracted to transport approximately 550,000 tons of mud from Bayou Lafourche to a disposal site just south of Donaldsonville, LA. There SME processed the mud and turned it back into cultivatable farmland.

Denham Springs Bass Pro Shop


Rene's Trucking, Inc moved 1 million tons of bauxite for Kanorado Terminals from the National Defense Stockpile in Baton Rouge to the Port of Baton Rouge where it was loaded onto barges and shipped to south Texas.

Looper Film Set

One of our clients was the motion picture production of LOOPER, starring Bruce Willis as a time-traveling agent. They needed a diner parking lot and a lot for production trucks in the middle of a cane field. We supplied and spread the rock to create the parking lots for both the diner and the trailer camp for the producers, cast and crew. We also handled a specific color request for one of the lots and fulfilled that order according to the producer's specifications. From small lots or piles of sand to expansive fields, we deliver the right materials to keep the action going.